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Our American Bandogge Mastiffs



Midas the merle American Bandogge Mastiff is one of our main studs here at Chambers K9's. He is 26" at the withers and 130 pounds! His current stud fee is $1500, he is open to all breeds and we have pups off him on a regular basis.


Rosie is one of our Bandogge mastiff females. She is 25" at the withers and 100 pounds! We currently have pups from Midas & Rosie! See available puppies!



Rue is an American Bandogge Mastiff and is pictured at 10 months old. He is the younger brother of Midas and is currently 25" at the withers and 120 pounds! He is open for stud at $1000



Sweetie is an American Bandogge Mastiff owned by Hines Mastiffs, who is also a part of our breeding program. She will be bred to Midas this summer and is 26" at the withers and 125 pounds!



This is Boris pictured at 12 weeks. He is a purebred Dogo Argentino and will be a key part in our Bandogge program as well as a start for our Dogo program!



Irene is a new addition to our bandogge program! She is 50% Dogue de Bordeaux (French mastiff) and 50% XL American bully. We expect her to reach 125 pounds fully mature and she will be an essential part of our program next year !

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